Heated Roof System ice dam solutions for eliminating ice dams

The Heated Roof System
A Revolutionary Solution For
Ice Dams

The Heated Roof System ice dam solution incorporates the use of a high tech micro thin heat element that is incorporated into a typical architectural grade shingle. This is a UL tested element that produces 35 watts of resistance heat.

We are also pleased to announce our new "heated metal edge", which utilizes our same heat element that can be adhered to various metal substrates. This is advantageous to "standing seam metal roof" applications and also to satisfy ice dam problems in connection with wood shake roofs, tile roofs, etc. Please contact us for more specific information on heated metal products and ice breaks.

With our Heated Roof System, each shingle has a separate heat element encased in the lower leading edge of the shingle. The heat elements are connected by way of a power cord, providing a separate connection to each shingle. This feature offers a continuous voltage that provides a separate connection for each heat element. The Heated Roof System offers a one hundred percent defrost arrangement to the area applied that provides a fire safe prevention of ice dams. There are several options in controlling the Heated Roof System. Typically the system would be connected to a timer, temperature, and / or snow sensor. The cost of operating the system is roughly .07 cents per kilowatt hour. This cost can be figured accurately by computing the length and width of the Heated Roof System for a given roof area. We recommend this product to be installed on the lower three to four foot section of the roof. The Heated Roof System can be adapted to all roof pitches and valleys. We can also match your existing roof shingle style. The Heated Roof System is the most effective way of eliminating ice dams.

The upper photograph is a perfect example for the Heated Roof System application and one that is commonly found. The cost of removing ice dams and snow in this fashion is both expensive and dangerous.

The lower portion of the photograph is a Heated Roof System installation. The Heated Roof System ice dam removal scheme is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, yet offers 100% defrost action on specific icy roof areas. The Heated Roof System is the superior solution for eliminating ice dams.

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